About Gracie M. JUrkowski

Gracie is a mid-west based yoga instructor who believes in the evolution of the human practice. Her teaching blends together elements from ecology, dance, and ceramics; using an interdisciplinary approach to connect with students and colleagues. Her attention to energetic detail is a defining quality in her work and instruction.

Most of Gracie's classes are slow paced allowing the student to organize their brain, body, and breath inside each posture. With special focus on the breath, Gracie encourages each practitioner to converse with the circuitry of their body and environment.

To bring the methodology and essence of restorative yoga to others, Gracie travels the United States offering her 32 hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training; The Art of Rest. From Portland to Philadelphia, Minneapolis to Savannah Gracie’s training program elevates studio practicum, revives macro & micro self-care techniques and deepens the roots of every practitioner’s foundation.

Credentials & Study

• RYT-200 from Marianne Well’s Yoga School in 2011, Costa Rica.

• Restorative Yoga certification from Leeann Carey in 2013, Chicago.

• Over five years of studio management & ownership, with 2200+ hours of restorative yoga emphasis.

• Bachelors of Science degree in Religious Studies with a minor in Three-dimensional Design, Central Michigan University.

• Studied with Erica Jago & Elena Brower of Art of Attention.

• Studied with Nevine Michaan, creator of Katonah Yoga.

• Studied with Dice Iida-Klein & Briohny Smyth.

• E-RYT 200 and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) as recognized by Yoga Alliance. 

Contact: dasatemhaus@gmail.com or 989-621-6647



“Graciela’s knowledge of yoga and restorative yoga in particular is thorough, intuitive and compassionate.” - A. Poston, 2017

“Gracie’s restorative yoga: deep listening training was one of the highlights of my year. It felt like a yoga retreat.” - Temple Florip, Manager at Yen Yoga & Fitness, 2018

“This course was well rounded, deeply nourishing experience that went well beyond all expectations I had for it.” - Elise Krause, 2018

“Her knowledge, kind spirit, and great humor made this a truly restorative experience for me, as well.” - Lisa Kiser, 2018

“This course is taught by a highly competent instructor with a deep understanding of the material.” - C. Shields, 2018

“The training was interesting, extremely informative, challenging, engaging and was very well paced.” - Anthony Allen, 2019